Initial Fitness and Strength Assessment and Planning Session

The initial consultation is designed to find out medical history, previous or current injuries, and past exercise history. We’ll also have some lifestyle questions to help us to find how best to structure your training around your daily and yearly patterns.

On top of this, we go through body-fat testing and circumference measurements, so we have a gauge of where to start. We also go through structural, postural and muscular balance testing so we can figure out your weaknesses and strengths.

We then combine the conversation and data to create a plan to address deficits while  maintaining a functional and healthy body.

Assessments take one hour. Prior to your first session, we’ll ask you to full out a lifestyle questionnaire.

Cost: £50

Personal Training

Individual sessions targeted at helping you achieve your goals.

Cost: £40

Injury prevention and rehab

With over 10 year’s experience in personal training, we have discovered that people often suffer in pain. Having helped people reduce shoulder, back, wrist, elbow, knee and neck pain we know that, for most, pain doesn’t have to last a lifetime. You can always improve.

Pain cessation and increased mobility have been the impetus for the creation of Metabolic Movement. We pride ourselves on helping those who didn’t think it was possible to move without pain.

Cost: £40