coach simon
coach simon

Metabolic Movement is a small personal training company operating in the Bradford-on-Avon area, headed up by  Simon Houston. We work with a wide range of clients: from professional athletes to business people to entrepreneurs and creative types. Our clients range in age from twelve-year-olds wanting to gain strength and coordination for school sport to octogenarians seeking to gain strength, flexibility and mobility – and many different ages and types in between. However, all of our clients all have a few things in common; a goal, a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard. That’s really it.

While each client is unique, we have common practices and principles that apply to each client:

Assessment is essential. Our assessments are at the core of the work we do with our clients. This first session tells us so much of what we need in order to make sure that the physical foundations are solid. Our work with a new client often starts with addressing postural issues and strength imbalances so that we can then set goals matched with the client’s objectives.

Each client will have an individual plan. The assessment is followed by the creation of the individual plan for each client. We take into account a vast array of data including current body composition, strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. After a good discussion about goals, we map out a plan – with milestones built in – and we’re off. Of course, all plans need periodic revision, which is aided by the data we collect on client’s progress along the way.

Training will be safe. ‘Safe’ doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s actually very, very exciting. Results come from consistent hard work over time, and you can’t be consistent when you’re consistently getting hurt. We’ve worked with scores of clients who initially came to me with injuries or pain. Our initial assessment and ensuing careful planning of ideal movements not only avoid injury but specifically strengthen weaknesses, resulting in a healthier gait, better movement patterns and an injury resistant/resilient body.

Training will be fun. It really should. Variety is key, as is having a bit of a laugh while we push through the tough work. Our programmes are built on simple, proven principles, but our methods are always changing and evolving so you don’t get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again. Better for your mind AND your body.

The program works… if clients do. We can show clients the way, but we can’t do the work for them. We can, however, promise that with commitment and consistency (one of our favourite words), clients see results.

Coach Simon Houston
Simon is always on the move. He translates his energy to yours. His love of learning new techniques and staying current with nutrition keep your workouts fresh.

Level 2 Fitness Instructor | Premier Global   2008
Level 3 Personal Trainer and Weight   Management | Premier Global 2008
 Level 1 Fitness Program Design | Poliquin Group 2014
Level 1 | Precision Nutrition 2017
ACA Personal Training 2019
Applied Nutrition Certificate | 2019
Kettlebells Instructor |
Level 1 Core Stability | 2009
Level 1 | ViPR 2011 The ViPR strengthens your individual weaknesses, corrects your long-held imbalances, and allows you to move more freely and powerfully in the real world. Another skill in my toolbox to kick things up a notch just when you thought you were done!
Hatton Boxing for Fitness Instructors | 2019 I can work in boxing-specific skills including defence moves, advanced techniques and combinations, to vary your cardio work as a stand-alone component or between sets with weights. Boxing moves target muscle groups and add variety to our workouts.