matt before after

From chronic pain to living a dream life by the sea.

Matt has been a fantastic client of ours and an inspiration to members of the entire Metabolic Movement team. Here Matt gives us some background how he conquered back pain and got in fantastic shape to enjoy the life of his dreams on the coast.

For how long did you train with Simon? 

I trained with Simon for two years and only stopped when we moved away to follow our lifelong dream of living by the sea. 

What brought you to training with Metabolic Movement? Were there any particular goals that you had in mind?

I was suffering from chronic back pain and had put on weight due to lack of activity and poor diet. I had gotten into a cycle of self doubt and was trying to protect myself from the pain by limiting activity and weight bearing. I was recommended to visit Simon by a few different people, and eventually plucked up the courage to see him. At the time I didn’t have any other goal than to reduce my back pain.

You’ve made some major progress in your health and fitness in the past few years. Was there anything about your work at Metabolic Movement that stood out as helping you to propel forward faster, or break through barriers that you had hit before?

Simon has dedicated himself to learning and research, and introduced me to the methods of  the world renowned back pain expert, Dr Stuart McGill. Simon puts what he has learnt into practise and was probably the single biggest catalyst in my transformation.

How did working with Simon differ to other training you had done?

 Previously I tackled training on an individual basis. Having regular sessions with Simon at least twice per week helped to keep me on track and accountable, particularly when things seemed to have stopped improving or plateaued.

Have you been able to sustain your results?

I have moved from regular weight training to a more active lifestyle and so far have been fortunate enough not to suffer any major set backs. My original goals of improving my pain and becoming more active have definitely been sustained. I have been swimming in the sea most days all through the winter and spring without a wetsuit and have kept up my walking. In recent months I have discovered the sport of Freediving and Spearfishing, the combination of being underwater, foraging for wild food and “finning” in the water has been a massive boost to my overall health and happiness.